Meet John

John’s story is our story.

John loved Lanzarote, his home for over 20 years. We work in his name to ensure those with Parkinson’s and their families get the support they need.

John’s story

John loved his life on Lanzarote, spending over 25 years living on the island with his wife, Iris. When John was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, his family was dismayed to discover not only the lack of specialist care for the condition (and others like it) on the island; but a total lack of a support for the families of those affected. His wife Iris and daughter Janet had nowhere to turn.

John and Iris eventually made the heartbreaking decision to leave their wonderful island home to return to the UK in search of more specialist support, like so many others before them and since.

John sadly passed away in 2021. His daughter Janet has created Living With Parkinson’s as John’s legacy. The charity, a first of its kind on Lanzarote, has a mission to provide all the things John and his family so badly needed during his illness – respite assistance, help and advice from experts, equipment for the home and counselling for family members supporting their loved ones through Parkinson’s and other neurological conditions.

Living With Parkinson’s are working in John’s name to ensure the future on Lanzarote is brighter for those needing our support. Please do consider becoming a sponsor and donating to fund our hugely valuable work. 

“We are starting from scratch to build this facility – but with your help, together we are stronger.”

– Janet Harper, Founder of Living With Parkinson’s